What is Love story photoshoot? It – only he or she. It is a love story. Perhaps, it reconstructs the real events of your acquaintance and the romantic relations. Or perhaps the real first meeting was excessively banal, and you want to think up the own scenario which isn’t depending on desires of destiny! Then the photo for Lave story is opportunity completely to construct the own scenario, and the photographer will realize this dream.

The photolove story is the high, touching, unusual, cheerful, sad and gentle points imprinted in frames of shooting.

Choice of a genre, place, season, weather – for the customer. Everything depends on tastes, addictions, desires of a loving couple. Whether you choose city park, country giving, the car, restaurant, the sports ground, the museum or you want a photo in homeliness, the photoset of couples of “Love story” is remains with you for the rest of life in bright photos.

Photographing of Love story begins with a choice of a romantic image. It can be the image which is thought up by you or borrowed, and can be offered by the photographer. For the photo of Love Story it is possible even to choose a suit. Will – choose it some national color or the cine character to you. On the basis of the chosen images it is possible to create own plot of a love story. The pictorialist is obliged to pass any original idea through himself that the images created in photos were at the same time both live, and romantic, and sublime, but also similar to real heroes of a photoshoot. After all photos Love story narrate about them, but not fictional heroes.

The photoshoot of loving couples, which photo becomes to a wedding, for example, helps to get acquainted with the photographer better. It is a peculiar dress rehearsal of wedding session. Then at the wedding newlyweds will feel under a sight of a lens more relaxedly. And it means also photos better to turn out. Besides love story allows to experiment with foreshortenings, light, a make-up and images.

The thematic photoshoot after a wedding, on the contrary, allows to correct some possible “gaps” of a gala day – to visit those places where they didn’t manage to visit in the wedding day. Or, perhaps, bad weather prevented. Then the photoshoot of Love story outdoors is opportunity to embody unfulfilled desires. Anyway youth is time of experiments, experiment romantic images more and more often. And for married couples with an experience the photoshoot of Love story can become possibility of revival of the relations, understand as far as you are dear each other.

The photoshoot of Love story allows not to hurry anywhere. It distinguishes it from a wedding photo. And who knows, this shooting can will push to steam to the important decision, will become rehearsal of a big celebration, and children will look in a lens of the wedding photographer soon?

If in you there lives creativity if this feeling of freshness of the relations is expensive to you – I invite you to write a love story.

 Services of the photographer

Photoshoot of “Love Story” – Cost – 20$ (1 hour).
Photographing on an open-air (the street, the room) or in studio (the studio is paid separately!).
Color correction of all photos.
Art retouch of 10 best photos.
10 pictures on a choice, the size 13kh18sm., luster, – AS A GIFT.


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