Many residents of Ilyichevsk and Odessa, can think of a question “Why to me the professional photoshoot is necessary?”. It is a good way to declare themselves, both in the present and in the future as memory. Transmits the message through the photo of people to surrounding people, it is frequent even without direct participation. Whether you thought, at least once, that thanks to the photo you keep the image from year to year? In this picture you the child, and here you behind a school school desk, and here at you are already own children who with interest consider you small, young.

The photoshoot in Ilyichevsk and Odessa will allow you, to try different roles, to take a detached view of itself and to understand what style in clothes, a make-up to you suits more. In a photoshoot the role of the photographer who could find and express your best lines in a picture is very important, reflect a part of your soul.

The photoshoot in Ilyichevsk and Odessa can be in various styles and places, for example, a photoshoot in studio, outdoors. Most likely, you don’t want not simply beautiful pictures, but photos in which the idea will be expressed. For example, idea of freedom, purity, air, or you had long ago a dream to visit an image of the medieval lady? All this can be carried out in beautiful photos.

Each person has a huge number of photos against bushes or houses, against wall-paper or carpets, against a holiday table. You will surprise in already nobody with such photos.

You ask how to take unique pictures? On this question there are many answers, for example, now are very fashionable a photoshoot “trash”. In Ilyichevsk, Odessa and in Odessa region there is a huge number of ruins, or unfinished houses, the thrown places the photoshoot on which precisely will surprise your relatives.

The professional photoshoot in Ilyichevsk and Odessa, will help you to open all secret corners of your soul. Participating in a photoshoot you will get for yourself something new that I will help you to understand better the and to open in myself new talents and opportunities. And if you can’t will decide on image or style of shooting in any way, we will help to pick up an image and style which will be closest to you.

Standard photoshoot

Duration – 1 hour. Cost – 500 UAH..

As a result it turns out 40 good photos with easy processing. And selective of them, 5-10 photos, pass additional color, stylistic processing and a retouch.

At the order of longer photoshoot the number of the finished shooting and retouched photos also increases.

Selection of a location and idea for holding a photoshoot – the photographer’s task, however you can take an initiative and in the hands.

Transportation costs make a reservation in addition.


Albums with photoshoots

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